Responding to Budget 2017


The Chancellor’s failure to mention the impact of leaving the EU in his first Budget was “astounding” says Rachael Maskell, MP for York Central. The MP also expressed concern that today’s Budget, which took place on International Women’s Day, had little to offer women, who, she said, had experienced 86% of the cuts since 2010, in terms of job security, wages and family.

Speaking after the Chancellor’s Budget Speech Ms Maskell said:
“It is astounding that the biggest economic event for a generation which has led to the fall in the value of the pound by 12% against the Euro and 20% against the dollar, and is hitting families hard with sharp increases in food and fuel bills was not mentioned. It is unbelievable when the economy is in such a fragile state that the Chancellor failed to even mention how he will protect the risks it is exposed to.

“In announcing the £1.7trillion national debt, which is 50% higher than when the Government came to office in 2010, we have seen the economic catastrophe. Despite this, today the Government vowed to continue with its failed economic plan and austerity, giving no security for businesses or our public services.

“It is time the nation woke up to the real danger this Government have put our economy in. They came in to Government promising to put finances back in order, within 5 years following the global economic crash.  Today they confessed it would take more than 2 Parliamentary terms. The figures speak for themselves, the Government have lost control of the economy, and ordinary people working hard across our communities are paying a heavy price for this.

“It is not right that funding should go to 110 free schools while at the same time each child in York sees a funding cut of over £200 a year”.

“The Government continues to insist in ignoring the court’s ruling over benefits to 160,000 Personal Independence Payments.

“The amount needed for social care announced today is spread over three years, when more than this is needed in the system right now.

“My hopes that there would be a real solution for business rates were dashed when sticking plaster measures were applied to the failed system. While a cap and rate relief will help businesses, they are taking money with one hand and giving back a proportion with the other.”

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